GTA 2 Tutorials

Landscape & Environment
Downtown Textures List of all noteworthy tiles in wil.sty.
Residential Textures List of all noteworthy tiles in ste.sty.
Lights Adding static, flashing or fading landscape lights.
Lighting Let there be light! Step-by-step guide with screenshots.
Optimising Compressing files carefully reduces filesize by a lot.
Zones Traffic lights, bus stops, respawns and navigation zones.
Basic Mission Objects
Angles What direction the angles actually point in.
Multiplayer Basic guide to multiplayer support, with links.
Phones There are 4 types of payphone.
Objects Every object in the game and how to use them.
Radio Stations How to declare the songs available in your level.
Shops Vehicle weapon and repair shops.
Sound Background sounds for ambience or specific actions.
Weapons Every weapon and powerup, including some secret ones.
Vehicles Adding cars, with all model names and colours.
Handling A few things work reliably, the rest is weird.
Trains Setting up trains so they actually work!
Advanced Mission Coding
Scripting Document DMA Design’s complete guide to every command.
Characters All the types of people you can create.
Character AI Make people do things using their built-in AI.
Frenzies Coding different types of Kill Frenzy.
Gangs Zones, arrows, icons and special features.
Garages Complete guide to creating garages for missions.
Government Alter the wanted level and what effect this has.
Remote Control A rarely used but entertaining feature.
Respawning Characters 4 bots chase you. If they die, they are recreated.
Respawning Objects You have to EXPLODE_SMALL when nobody can see.
Respawning Vehicles An FBI Car is recreated when it gets destroyed.
Save Points How to let the player save their game.
Timers Time limits for missions with the countdown graphic.
Upward Timers See how long something is taking, like a lap timer.
Tools & Setup
Tools & Editors The most useful tools and files.
Resource Editing Reference for changing the interface of DMA Map Editor.
Multiplayer Setup Start playing GTA 2 online!
Multiplayer Strategy Analysis of strategies, weapons and vehicles.
Multiple Installs Keep your mods separate.