Multiplayer Setup for GTA 2

The best place to start is to download and install GTA2 Game Hunter by Sektor. While you are there, you can get the version of GTA2 most online players use.

Make sure the game works in single player before you try playing online.

Check Your Connection

Try to join a game in Game Hunter. It’s best to try and join someone who has just finished playing somebody else; that way you can be sure their setup is correect. If you are patient and ask nicely, someone will usually help you.

When you click a game, you get a Network GTA2 window. If the list in this window is empty, that means your router needs some setup. It will take about 1 hour to make your router work with the game.

Find your router in this list and then follow the instructions. Do not download their software!

You can press F2 when using Game Hunter to find your router admin page easily.

“Help! It still doesn’t work!”

  1. If it seems like the instructions don’t work, you probably did something wrong.
  2. Restarting your PC is worth a try.
  3. So is restarting your router, but don’t do a factory reset of it.
  4. You could also try Elypter’s detailed instructions.

Optimising Performance

For all versions of GTA 2 there are some standard settings which help you enjoy the game even more.

These settings are found in the GTA 2 Manager. Going through each tab:

Setting Value
Video Resolution Same as your desktop resolution. (Match the height, if you have widescreen.)
Lighting Noon makes Vehicle Mines easier to see. Dusk is prettier in levels with lighting.
Gamma Level Between 10 and 16 works fine on my graphics cards.
Exploding Scores I normally turn these off so they don’t get in the way.
Audio Game/FX Volume Set to the maximum, adjust speaker volume to suit.
Radio Volume Set to about half or two-thirds FX Volume. Or turn it off and play real music.
Network Connection Type Not needed when using Game Hunter. (Otherwise, TCP/IP.)
Show Player Names Keep this on so you can see who your opponent is.
Protocol Internet Not needed when using Game Hunter. (Otherwise, the IP of the hosting player.)