User Interfaces

I’m no usability expert but applications on Windows XP seem to get worse each year. I like XP and want to reverse this trend by documenting the problem, with screenshots and notes.

Reviews of Popular Applications
Adobe Makers of several high-profile applications.
AVG Free Edition Lots windows. Lots of controls. Avoids the OS theme.
Epson Scanner Putting the “G” in GUI.
Firefox 2 Introduced a custom skin as the default skin.
Firefox 3 Any point reviewing the latest beta?
Firefox 4 (beta) Nice feedback system.
Internet Explorer 6 Remarkably consistent with Windows Explorer.
Internet Explorer 7 Becoming the most widely used web browser.
Internet Explorer 8 Trying out the first beta.
Messenger Live! Is this better than Windows Messenger?
Mobile Devices Almost nothing to see here.
Opera 8.5 Product review.
Opera 9.0 Product review.
Outlook Express My favourite e-mail client. Seriously, it is.
SmartFTP Extreme attention to Windows theme details.
Television Virgin Media and the programmes they carry.
TortoiseSVN The first version control system I have used.
Windows XP Oddities and conventions in its utilities and controls.
Windows Media Player Lost some good things, gained some others.

Web Browser History

Articles About User Interfaces
Links to my favourite blog entries about UI from other people.


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