Project Cerbera

Ben Millard has sort-of long black hair and sometimes doesn’t shave.

I am Ben Millard, formerly known as ‘Cerbera’. You can contact me or check my CV/Résumé.

Site Highlights

Life of Ben (Blog)
Variety is the spice of life! Web technology, software, cycling, life and whatever.
Articles about Website Development
Standards-compliant code samples, accessible techniques and measurable efficiency.
Web Studies & Research
Using data about the web to help improve the web.
Notes on User Interfaces
I’m no usability expert but I know what I like.
Do List
Some of the many hundreds of things I’d like to work on.

Grand Theft Auto Modding

Since 1998 I’ve been making car handling, new missions, technical guides and entire cities.

The modding community has helped me with every project, so I try to give back with guides and answering questions.

In 2007 I stopped modding 3D editions. When I have time, I still like to make GTA2 multiplayer levels.


Remember those? This site is part of the original Grand Theft Auto Webring: