Firefox 4

Firefox’s friendly feedback system is a welcoming way to send day-to-day comments on the delights and dreads of testing beta 11.

There&rsqou;s no “my feedback” database, not even within the local UI for Firefox. Quickly, I realised my messages were quite prominent by setting the filter on the public interface to English (British). Mine are the correctly punctuated ones.


  1. Google Maps in London, UK, draws the Tube lines way faster than Firefox 2 did on this 10-year-old PC.
  2. I was able to import all my Firefox 2 bookmarks. I upgraded from Firefox to Firefox 4 beta 11.


  1. Cursor doesn&rsqou;t show the “working in background” hourglass. That shows immediate feedback to an operation, without scanning the whole screen.
  2. New title bar is showing in addition to the normal XP title bar. No tabs are in either bar; they are below Menu like Firefox 2 was.
  3. Address bar often gets out of sync with the page I&rsqou;m on. Or even shows the URL for a whole different tab! (Especially after typing a URL.)
  4. The tabs don&rsqou;t look like Windows XP tabs, when using Windows XP. Firefox 1.5 was the last version to get that right, IIRC.
  5. After using Customise for any toolbar and clicking Done, Menu Bar remains disabled until Firefox is restarted.