Links for GTA Modifiers

People who make things for the GTA series. They gradually disappear, sometimes returning years later.

All Editions
Get That Azzhole Simon ‘Azz’ Marshal’s site has thousands of cars for GTA 1 and other editions.
GTA Forums Was the largest community of the most talented modifiers.
GTAMP ‘Sektor’ is famous for GTA2 Game Hunter, making levels and writing mission code.
GTA Tools JernejL (formerly ‘Delfi’) has has made crucial tools for all editions of GTA.
Gouranga! & G! Forums The first website I ever visted (really!) and the first forum I ever joined.
Illconceived ‘Illspirit’ is an innovate modifier and champion of the community.
PlanetGTA Jordan ‘D8cam’ Liles produced some famous GTA Vice City stunt videos.
Project Cerbera You can link to me using this button. Please host it your own website.
GTA 3, GTA Vice City & GTA San Andreas
Crappy Mods ‘Yazu’ is a highly accomplished but low-volume car maker.
Demarest ‘Demarest’ creates walkthroughs, savegame archives and SCM mods.
Deathsquad Industries Interstate 420 for GTA Vice City and vehicles for GTA San Andreas.
Glen Winstein Wrote some walkthroughs with a little bit of help from me.
Knife Makes landscapes and mods various text data files.
LazioFreak Mark ‘LazioFreak’ makes detailed landscapes.
Llama Corporation ‘SadisticMachine’ is a talented car and map maker.
Multi Theft Auto The team who brought GTA 3, GTA Vice City and GTA San Andreas online.
Ocram Writes tutorials about specific parts of modding and makes landscapes.
Opius Design Luke ‘Opius’ McIldoon writes tutorials and makes landscapes.
PatrickW SCM coder, programmer and inexhaustible researcher.
Steve-M Creator of some extremely useful modding tools.
Suction Testicle Man A low-volume car maker.
Turnip Fan Dave ‘Respawn’ Brennan makes big landscapes and great editors.
Turpuli Juha ‘Turpuli’ Laaksonen is a low-volume car maker.
Y-less Alex ‘Y-less’ Cole helps with mission scripting and writes tutorials.
GTA Vice City
Path Eshan de Burge Made the graphical GTA Vice City paths editor.
SCM Opcode Database Comprehensive community project to discover all mission script commands.
Solo Occassionally makes landscapes and missions. Works on the FunWorld project.
GTA 3 & GTA Vice City
Eddy Brown Eddy Brown is a low-volume car maker.
Ganjica Gianpietro ‘Ganjica’ Fabre is a low-volume car maker.
Ghost_Master2000 Helps with mission coding. Has worked on my Curveshire project.
Icey The famous MultiEdit suite for GTA 3.
Majestik Highly accomplished but low-volume car maker. Has worked on my Curveshire project.
Alastair ‘KCow’ Burr Created the essential MooMapper for viewing and positioning objects in-game.
GTA Wikia Visual reference, including zoomed-in versions of powerup icons.
GTA 2 Modding Wiki Coding and building guides.
GTA 1, GTA London 1969 & GTA London 1961
Gokhan Hansu Makes new cars, levels and missions code.
Mission Coding Guide Created by Simon ‘Azz’ Marshal, Nick ‘Stilton’ Jones and me!
Micheal Mendelsohn Excellent early editors along with loads of information and ideas.
R R Rodrigo 3 total conversions, including Vanezia. Also created re-usable building designs and has many GTA 1 links.