Web Technology

The World Wide Web is great but I try to make it even better.

Articles & Tutorials

Articles about Building Websites
Standards-compliant code samples, detailed comparisons of techniques and busting myths.
Life of Ben (Blog)
Some of my idle ramblings cover webby stuff.

Studies & Research


Collections of Interesting Web Pages
1,047 of them in 52 categories. Partly funded by Mozilla Foundation and aided by Google.
Easier Access with HTML5
My funding proposal for Mozilla Foundation, which they accepted. Thanks!
Offline URL Collection
260 websites I saw advertised outside of the web.


Collections of Interesting Data Tables
Done for free in response to the data table controversy in HTML5.


Site Surgeon (my online CV/Résumé)
The professional roles I’ve had during my career.
Calthorpe Park School
Webmaster since November 2005, twice winners of “Most Accessible Website”. (Was replaced in 2011.)
Front-end Website Developer for sdesign1
Improving the web one site at a time.
Participant of the W3C HTML Working Group
Providing industry experience and researching the coding habits of web developers.
Accessify Forum (member and former moderator)
Learning, teaching and discussing web accessibility.