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Genuine examples of how authors use HTML, categorised above. Each entry has a note about what I thought was interesting.


To help specifications be more robust and to inform the discussions about them. Especially for web accessibility features.


You can contact me directly with review. Or use mailing lists, internet forums, blogs, IRC channels and so on to discuss and review it in other communities. Just send a link if you want me to see it.


Current Work

Straightforward Accessibility Problems

General uses of HTML which have a higher chance of hampering disabled users:

There’s a great deal of previous work in this area!

Of Lesser Interest

Websites (272 entries)

Offline URL Collection
260 websites I saw advertised in offline media.
Accessites: 2 Year stats
Accessites: Classic Awards
High-tech company.
HP United States
High-tech company.
IBM United States
High-tech company.
High-tech company.
Nvu - The Complete Web Authoring System for Linux, Macintosh and Windows
Domain expired before I could fill in my notes!
Open Directory - Computers: Internet: Web Design and Development: Accessibility: Companies and Consultants
Directry of expert webby folk.
Statistical Agencies
Government sites likely to have lots of data tables.
Sun Microsystems
High-tech company.
Sun: Solaris Operating System
High-tech company.
Triple i Convention
High-tech event with low-tech website.
XML declaration with HTML DOCTYPE as text/html.

Tutorials (14 entries)

name must match id with for+id?
ALA: Accessible Data
<ul> with <a> and <span> for <table> with <th> and <td>.
<span> with <span> for <ul> with <li>.
Better Living Through XHTML
HTML4 Transitional to XHTML1 Transitional.
Quirks Mode to Standard Mode confusion.
Ends with hype.
No mention of MIME.
CSUN: Best Practices
“alt tags”.
CSUN: Best Practices
Use XHTML 1.0 Transitional.
CSUN: Ten Checkpoints
Use summary="layout table".
HTML blockquote - Google Search
No notes for this entry.
HTML Heading - Google Search
No notes for this entry.
HTML list - Google Search
No notes for this entry.
HTML table - Google Search
No notes for this entry.
isolani: Creating Structured Tables
<th title> for <th><abbr title>.
Matt Ryan: Headings and Sections
Refers to section levels in terms of heading roles and importance.
Initially seems more complicated than <hn>.
Hidden complexities for implementaions and authors.
(I think </section> is a problem for copy and paste, too.)
NYPL Style Guide: XHTML
XHTML “more accessible”.
TEI P5: Guidelines for Electronic Text Encoding and Interchange: 8 Transcriptions of Speech
Complicated descriptions of super-fine semantics.
XHTML Reference
Bogus “Best practice” about <code> styling.
Strict about <var>.
Incomplete breadcrumb.