About Me, Ben Millard

Ben Millard has longish black hair and stubble.

Ben Thomas Millard, born 27th June 1985 in Fleet, England. Moved to London in August 2010.

I’ve made websites since 1998 and turned professional in 2005. My other web stuff and user interface reviews were largely done in between freelance website development.

I bought projectcerbera.com in 2003 and own it until 26th July 2017. My hosting is free until 18th August 2016 as payment for 2 small websites.

Contact Me

  1. Most e-mail I get is about adding cars to GTA or making realistic handling setups.
  2. For professional website stuff, contact sDesign1 or check my CV/Résumé.
  3. Otherwise, e-mail me:

My Websites


Since 1998 most of my projects are cities and car handling for Grand Theft Auto. Originally I usied the alias Cerbera, as in TVR Cerbera. This website virtually named itself.

In February 2007 I left all the big projects but continued with some smaller projects until July 2009. By 2012 I experience a renaisance by creating new GTA2 multiplayer levels.

I own a mountain bicycle and enjoy riding it around the gorgeous Hampshire countryside. My mum breeds Guinea Pigs which I help look after, from time to time. By 2011 I was well-established in London and rode an old racer bike everywhere. Upgraded to a modern road bicycle a year later.