Lights in GTA 2 Mission Scripts

You usually set up lights in the map editor, but you can also add them during a mission. For example, player goes to rob a bank and sound and flashing lights appears.

LIGHT name

Like sound, this reserves a spot for a light later on. To activate it, add this code:

name = CREATE_LIGHT (X,Y,Z) radius intensity (red,green,blue) ondelay offdelay random

Seems strange doesn’t it? This is what the parameters mean:

Range Description
Radius 0 to 8 Radius of the light effect in cubes.
Intensity 0 to 255 Brightness of the light.
red 0 to 255 How much of each colour to add in normal RGB notation.
Ondelay 0 to 255 Time a flashing light shines for. 20 is a fairly decent speed.
offdelay 0 to 255 Time a flashing light stays dark for.
Random 0 to 255 sets the maximum number of frames to randomise the delay timings by.

Let me show you an example:

light01 = CREATE_LIGHT (12.5,56.5,3.0) 8 255 (255,255,255) 0 0 0

If you want to create a light straight off, add this code:

LIGHT name = (X,Y,Z) radius intensity (red,green,blue) ondelay offdelay random

Again, I’ll show an example:

LIGHT light02 = (67.5,78.5,2.0) 8.0 255 (255,0,0) 0 0 0

That code would create a red light at those coordinates.

Editing Lights

As well as creating lights, you can also edit them too with these 3 commands:

CHANGE_INTENSITY (name, intensity)
CHANGE_COLOUR    (name, red,green,blue)
CHANGE_RADIUS    (name, radius)

Again, they are all simple to use. The lightname is a light you created by the way. Your codes could look like this:

CHANGE_INTENSITY (light03, 150)
CHANGE_COLOUR    (light04, 255,0,255)
CHANGE_RADIUS    (light05, 8.0)

(Originally written by Chris “Pyro” Hockley and formatted by Ben “Cerbera” Millard with full permission.)