Radio Stations in GTA 2 Mission Scripts

Out off the 11 radio stations, only 4 can be chosen per level. Head Radio is always available in any level and cannot be turned off.

F1 and F2 will change radio stations, if your car receives more than one.

Radio radio volume can be controlled in the GTA2 Manager. It has an Audio tab with a Music Volume slider; that’s where you can change it. Sliding it to the bottom makes all radio stations silent.

City ambience sounds are always played when you are on foot.

Code for Every Radio Station

// Radio Stations
// Downtown (wil.*)
RADIO_STATION rockstar = STATION_DOWNTOWN    (125.50,080.5)
RADIO_STATION futuro   = STATION_ZAIBATSU    (253.50,002.5)
RADIO_STATION lithium  = STATION_LOONIE      (003.50,002.5)
RADIO_STATION funami   = STATION_YAKUZA      (002.50,253.5)

// Residential (ste.*)
RADIO_STATION futuro   = STATION_ZAIBATSU    (247.5,067.5)
RADIO_STATION rebel    = STATION_REDNECK     (041.5,048.5)
RADIO_STATION osmosis  = STATION_SCIENTIST   (211.5,229.5)

// Industrial (bil.*)
RADIO_STATION lofi     = STATION_INDUSTRIAL  (110.5,108.5)
RADIO_STATION heavenly = STATION_KRISHNA     (242.5,214.5)
RADIO_STATION kgbh     = STATION_RUSSIAN     (201.5,021.5)
RADIO_STATION futuro   = STATION_ZAIBATSU    (020.5,230.5)