Weapons in GTA 2 Mission Scripts

A guard with no gun is pretty pointless, so the script below will allow you to give your characters, and even the player, weapons. You can only give characters one weapon, but they have infinite rounds, but you can give the player as many weapons as you like, but you can specify how much ammo you give him otherwise it will be default. This is also true for vehicles as well, such as the Tanks battle cannon or the Jeeps machine gun.


Generators are usually found by gang phones and spawn a weapon or other item after a set amount of time for ever until it is switched off by a command. They can only be of the types in the table below, which include the icon they create in-game.

Picture Static Object Moving Object Game Name
Pistol generator COLLECT_00 MOVING_COLLECT_00 Pistol
Machine Gun generator COLLECT_01 MOVING_COLLECT_01 S-Uzi Machine Gun
Rocket Launcher generator COLLECT_02 MOVING_COLLECT_02 Rocket Launcher
Electro Gun generator COLLECT_03 MOVING_COLLECT_03 Electro Gun
Molotov Cocktail generator COLLECT_04 MOVING_COLLECT_04 Molotov Cocktail
Grenade generator COLLECT_05 MOVING_COLLECT_05 Grenade
Shotgun generator COLLECT_06 MOVING_COLLECT_06 Shotgun
Flamethrower generator COLLECT_08 MOVING_COLLECT_08 Flamethrower
Silenced Machine Gun generator COLLECT_09 MOVING_COLLECT_09 Silenced S-Uzi Machine Gun
Dual Pistol generator COLLECT_10 MOVING_COLLECT_10 Dual Pistol
Vehicle Bomb generator COLLECT_15 MOVING_COLLECT_15 Vehicle Bomb
Vehicle Oil generator COLLECT_16 MOVING_COLLECT_16 Vehicle Oil
Vehicle Mine generator COLLECT_17 MOVING_COLLECT_17 Vehicle Mine
Vehicle Machine Gun generator COLLECT_18 MOVING_COLLECT_18 Vehicle Machine Gun
(No image.) COLLECT_19 MOVING_COLLECT_19 Tank Gun (crashes unless you are in a Tank)
(No image.) COLLECT_20 MOVING_COLLECT_20 Water Cannon (not collectable)
(No image.) COLLECT_21 MOVING_COLLECT_21 Vehicle Flamethrower (not collectable)
(No image.) COLLECT_22 MOVING_COLLECT_22 Jeep Gun (not collectable)
(No image.) COLLECT_23 MOVING_COLLECT_23 Vehicle Instant Bomb
Multiplier COLLECT_28 MOVING_COLLECT_28 Multiplier Bonus
Extra Life COLLECT_29 MOVING_COLLECT_29 Life Bonus
Health COLLECT_30 MOVING_COLLECT_30 Health Bonus
Armour COLLECT_31 MOVING_COLLECT_31 Armour Bonus
Get Out Of Jail Free Card COLLECT_32 MOVING_COLLECT_32 Get Out of Jail Free Bonus
Cop Bribe COLLECT_33 MOVING_COLLECT_33 Cop Bribe Bonus
Invulnerability COLLECT_34 MOVING_COLLECT_34 Invulnerability Bonus
Double Damage COLLECT_35 MOVING_COLLECT_35 Double Damage Bonus
Rapid Fire COLLECT_36 MOVING_COLLECT_36 Double Fire Rate Bonus
Electro Fingers COLLECT_37 MOVING_COLLECT_37 Electro Fingers Bonus
Respect COLLECT_38 MOVING_COLLECT_38 Respect Bonus
Invisibility COLLECT_39 MOVING_COLLECT_39 Invisibility Bonus
Temporary Gang COLLECT_40 MOVING_COLLECT_40 Temporary Gang Bonus (multiplayer only)

Any numbers left out of here (e.g. COLLECT_07) has nothing affiliated to it, but they can actually be used for making special weapons or something. If you put down the Vehicle Instant Bomb, a wierd blue letter I will appear. You will have to make some new graphics to use this.

Create a Respawning Weapon

To use these in your script, just use the following commands:

GENERATOR name = (X,Y,Z) rotation TYPE mindelay maxdelay ammo

So, you could have one like this:

GENERATOR flamer01 = (10.5,42.5,3.0) 0 COLLECT_08 1500 1500 20

And after a set amount of time, this generator will appear. Since the generators are default set to OFF, you need to switch them on. To do this, type this in after the LEVELSTART command:


The latter is best if a weapon is only available during a mission. It stops being available after the mission, this way.

Powerups Which Do Not Respawn

Instead of making a generator that produces weapons, you can make one-off powerups by using the OBJECT_DATA command. Below is an example of a single flamethrower pickup but any generator type can be used:

OBJECT_DATA weapon = (127.5,127.5,2.0) 180 COLLECT_08 // flamethrower

The ammo given is the default setting (such as 10 for machine gun) and cannot be changed. This is just a very basic powerup.

Character Weapons

Picture Script Name Game Name
Pistol PISTOL Pistol
Machine Gun MACHINE_GUN S-Uzi Machine Gun
Grenade GRENADE Grenade
Molotov Cocktail MOLOTOV Molotov Cocktail
Rocket Launcher ROCKET_LAUNCHER Rocket Launcher
Flamethrower FLAME_THROWER Flame Thrower
Electro Gun ELECTRO_GUN Electro Gun
Electro Baton ELECTRO_BATON Electro Baton (not supposed to be in game)
Dual Pistol DUAL_PISTOL Dual Pistol
Shotgun SHOTGUN Shotgun
Silenced Machine Gun SILENCED_MACHINE_GUN Silenced S-Uzi Machine Gun
(No image.) MICROWAVE Illegal model which crashes the game.

Vehicle Weapons

Picture Script Name Game Name
Car Bomb CAR_BOMB Vehicle Bomb
Vehicle Oil CAR_OIL Vehicle Oil Slick
Vehicle Mines CAR_MINE Vehicle Mines
Vehicle Machine Guns CAR_MACHINE_GUN Vehicle Machine Guns
Tank Gun TANK_GUN Tank Gun
Vehicle Flamethrower CAR_FLAMETHROWER Car Flamethrower
Firetruck Water Cannon WATER_CANNON Water Cannon
Jeep Machine Gun JEEP_GUN Jeep Mounted Machine Gun
Vehicle Instant Bomb CAR_BOMB_INSTANT Instant Vehicle Bomb

If you want to give a mission character of vehicle, just copy an example:

GIVE_WEAPON (name, weapon)
GIVE_WEAPON (name, weapon, ammount of ammo)

The name can either be a created character, a car or a player. An example could be:


This would give the player p1 a pistol with 50 rounds of ammunition. Simple.

(Originally written by Chris “Pyro” Hockley and formatted by Ben “Cerbera” Millard with full permission.)