Government in GTA 2 Mission Scripts

During the game, a number of police heads appear at the top of the screen. If there are no heads, the police don’t want to arrest you. The more heads you see up there, the more they want to arrest you.

The number of heads represents your wanted level. You can tell GTA 2 to have a maximum wanted level, using this command:

DECLARE_POLICELEVEL (number_of_heads)
Effect of Values for number_of_heads
Value Characters Vehicles
1 Slow, weak Police Cop Car
2 Weak Police Cop Car
3 Police Cop Car
4 Police, SWAT Teams Cop Car, SWAT Van
5 FBI Agents Special Agent Car
6 National Guard Armed Land Roamer, Pacifier, Tank


For example, in an extremely tough city you could use this:


This lets the police reach level 6 wanted level. The entire city will be populated by National Guard, if you commit enough crimes to get it that high!

The original game goes up to four heads on the first level. The second level goes up to five heads. The third level has six heads (adds the National Guard).

Removing Law Enforcement

If you want you can also set it as 0 for no cops. You’ll probably have to change the map zones to reduce the amount of walking cops and driving cops to zero or they will still go after you. If you get level 1 wanted level and kill enough people, a second head usually appears. But since you've set the maximum to zero it gets removed an instant later.

Clear Wanted Level

If you wish to clear the amount of heads (as in, remove the players wanted level), just add this code:


This effectively removes your wanted level. Best used at the end of missions. Your code could look like this:

Change Police Level

Another interesting bit of code is to change the amount of heads during a level (still 0 to 6 applies). Do this by adding this code:

CHANGE_POLICE_LEVEL (number_of_heads)

This is best used for missions, and the code will look like:


Set Car Emergency Lights

You've got a created cop car in your mission outside a bank where the player exits. You want the cops to go for the player. But if you look, the cop lights aren’t even on! This can be fixed. So long as it is an emergency vehicle, it’ll work. Add this code:


Just make sure the car name is a emergency vehicle, otherwise it won’t do anything!

(Originally written by Chris “Pyro” Hockley and formatted by Ben “Cerbera” Millard with full permission.)