Shops in GTA 2 Mission Scripts

All maps have one, and even ones you create should have one. Just copy and paste this into your script file. Obviously, changing the coordinates. The respray shop’s parameter of 28 is the remap colour. Change it to whatever you like!

OBJ_DATA bombshop  = (17.5,25.5,2.0) 0 CAR_SHOP BOMB_SHOP
OBJ_DATA oilshop   = (19.5,25.5,2.0) 0 CAR_SHOP OILSLICK_SHOP
OBJ_DATA paintshop = (21.5,25.5,2.0) 0 CAR_SHOP 28
OBJ_DATA plateshop = (21.5,25.5,2.0) 0 CAR_SHOP BUSY_CAR_SHOP
OBJ_DATA mineshop  = (23.5,25.5,2.0) 0 CAR_SHOP MINES_SHOP
OBJ_DATA gunshop   = (25.5,25.5,2.0) 0 CAR_SHOP MACHINEGUN_SHOP

Note that you have to use the actual Z-axis position of the shop because 255 would place the shop on the roof and not in the driveway section. For really cool shops, you could use garage door like some of the GTA 1 levels had.

(Originally written by Chris “Pyro” Hockley and formatted by Ben “Cerbera” Millard with full permission.)