Save Points in GTA 2 Mission Scripts

The three official levels allow you to save your game at the church. I’ll explain how to do them for your maps.

The best way is to do it in a THREAD_TRIGGER command (some examples elsewhere in this guide). So let’s give an example of a save game thread:

FORWARD savepoint_1:
THREAD_TRIGGER thr_savepoint_1 = THREAD_WAIT_FOR_CHAR_IN_AREA (p1, 44.5,100.5,2.0, 3.0,1.0, savepoint_1:)

 PERFORM_SAVE_GAME (thr_savepoint_1, 44.5,100.5,2.0, 3.0,1.0)

Let’s go through this. You can call the trigger whatever you like (replace the thr_savepoint_1 with a name you like). Choose the player to wait for (p1) and the (X,Y,Z) coordinates. The two digits after the (X,Y,Z) are the check width and check height and the final one is from your FORWARD function. On the line with PERFORM_SAVE_GAME, the code is identical, but you need to tell it what the THREAD_TRIGGER name is. Hopefully this should all work!

(Originally written by Chris “Pyro” Hockley and formatted by Ben “Cerbera” Millard with full permission.)