Objects in GTA 2 Mission Scripts

Objects are used in every part of GTA 2, from benches to generators, barricades to cones. Here is how to create them in your map:

OBJ_DATA name = (X,Y,Z) rotation OBJECT_NAME

And that’s it! So, for example, if you wanted a football in your map, you could use the following code:

OBJ_DATA football = (10.5,127.5,2.0) 0 FOOTY

Below is a complete list of objects available in GTA 2 with a small description of what it is or does:

Object Code Notes
BIN_LID A bin lid, only player can knock it, cars and peds will get stuck.
BOXES A cardboard box, gets damaged if you walk/drive over it.
CONE A simple cone… can be knocked over by player or cars.
RUBBISH A pile of rubbish, will scatter on impact by player or car.
CRATE A wooden crate smashable by either on foot or car.
FOOTY A football. Can be kicked on foot or in car. Run backwards over it for a big kick.
HARDBOX A harder box that can only be pushed on foot or car.
NEWSDIS Unsure, resembles a grey item in a red box that can be pushed on foot or car.
OILDRUM A silver oil drum that can be pushed on foot or car.
TYRE A car tyre. Can be pushed on foot or car.
HYDRANT_LID The lid from a red fire hydrant, can be pushed on foot or car.
BENCH A green bench, only pushable by car.
PACKAGE A brown tied up package, pushable on car or on foot
ROADBLOCK Red and white barricade used in roadblocks. Only knockable by cars.
BOLLARD A concrete bollard used to stop cars from driving into certain areas. Can be jumped over.
BLASTER A small green and brown cylinder that can be pushed on foot or car.
ANIMATING_OIL An animation of an oil slick.
OIL An oil slick
MINE A blue mine identical to one dropped by cars.
HYDRANT A red fire hydrant, cannot be knocked over but can be jumped.
HYDRANT_UNLID A red fire hydrant without the lid, cannot be knocked over, but can be jumped.
TOWER An invisible object. Used with the map editor when the slope is set to 61 (thin tower).
EXPLODE_MEDIUM Game crashes.
SMALL_ARROW A white arrow. Can be driven and walked over.
BLOOD_SPARK A fast blood splash. Looks like an exploding "X" made from blood.
PARTICLE_SYSTEM Unsure, cannot see anything, nothing to walk or drive over.
FIREJET The water cannon hose from a fire truck.
SMALL_BROWN_SKID A tiny circle of a brown skid mark (used on grass).
SMALL_GREY_SKID A tiny circle of a grey skid mark (used on roads).
SMALL_RED_SKID A tiny circle of a red skid mark (supposed to be used as blood, but probably never used).
MEDIUM_GREY_SKID A larger version of the small skid.
MEDIUM_GREY_SKID A larger version of the small skid.
MEDIUM_RED_SKID A larger version of the small skid.
CAR_CROSSING Same function as a traffic light, they stop a few blocks before it and is invisible.
CAR_STOP Doesn’t actually stop cars. Identical to the BUSH though.
SMALL_WHITE_SKID A tiny white skid mark. Dissapears extremely quickly.
MEDIUM_WHITE_SKID A larger version of the small skid. Dissapears extremely quickly.
BIG_WHITE_SKID A larger version of the medium skid. Dissapears extremely quickly.
ROCKET An instant firing rocket from a rocket launcher.
BUS_STOP_MARKER Unsure. Attempted on road and on pavement, no bus appeared.
CAR_SHOP A normal car shop that can change colour.
BUSY_CAR_SHOP Similar to a car shop, except that it changes the plates instead of colour.
MOLOTOV_MOVING An instantly detonating molotov cocktail.
HUGE_RED_SKID A larger version of the big red skid.
HUGE_WHITE_SKID A larger version of the white skid, dissapears very quickly.
HUGE_BROWN_SKID A larger version of the big brown skid.
HUGE_GREY_SKID A larger version of the big grey skid.
TANKTOP The turret from a tank, cars and players walk underneath it.
ANTENNA The dish from a TV van.
ANIMATING_RUBBISH Animated rubbish as if it was hit.
DEAD_RUBBISH Rubbish on floor, as if been hit.
MOVING_CONE An animated cone as if it was hit.
MOVING_BIN A non-moving solid bin, cannot be knocked over by foot or car.
MOVING_BIN_LID Same as BIN_LID, but can be moved by peds.
PHONE A normal blue phone, used for information.
PHONE_DEAD Looks identical to an non-ringing phone, no graphical difference.
PHONE_RINGING A ringing phone with audio, cannot answer.
RED_PHONE A red phone (gang zone only).
RED_PHONE_RINGING A ringing red phone (gang zone only).
YELLOW_PHONE A yellow phone (gang zone only).
YELLOW_PHONE_RINGING A ringing yellow phone (gang zone only).
GREEN_PHONE A green phone (gang zone only).
GREEN_PHONE_RINGING A ringing green phone (gang zone only).
BRIEFCASE A small red briefcase inside a blue circle.
SHOT The splash damage from a shotgun, appears a little ahead of where it is placed.
FLAMING_BULLET Unsure, nothing appears, but guessing related to fire truck/flamethrower fire jet?
FIRE A constant fire, similar to when you burn peds, has burning sound as well.
WATER_BULLET Unsure, nothing appears, but guessing related to fire truck water hose?
BOMB A large bomb made from 3 sticks of dynamite with a clock. Can be walked/driven over.
BIG_BROWN_SKID A larger version of the brown medium brown skid.
BIG_GREY_SKID A larger version of the grey medium skid.
BIG_RED_SKID A larger version of the red medium skid.
BULLET A single machine gunbullet that fires in the direction set for the object.
TRAFFIC_LIGHT The light from a traffic light, only appears as red.
RED_FOOTPRINTS Fixed, small size footprints in red (blood?).
BLOOD A GTA1 looking blood stain. Can walk/drive over but cannot make skid marks, not even the red skid marks.
CROSSING Unsure, possibly pedestrian crossing?
SPARK Fast and light blue. looks like an exploding "X" like the BLOOD_SPARK.
PISTOL_BULLET A simple pistol bullet. Gunshot sound, fires in straight line.
BONUS_TOKEN Small GTA 2 tokens. Collecting these in the main levels unlocks the bonus levels.
TASER_BULLET The bullet fired from a taser, but with no sound and no electrical arc.
SOUND_INSTANT Nothing shows up or no sound is played. Is only used for SOUND objects.
INVISIBLE_TARGET Nothing appears, but is used when you want a character to, for example, shoot at a wall.
POWERGEN A massive yellow power generator that can be destroyed.
POWERGEN_DEAD A destroyed version of POWERGEN.
INVISIBLE_DESTRUCTIBLE Similar to a POWERGEN, but invisible.
GENLITE The little green light thats on a POWERGEN. Can be walked/driven over.
INVISIBLE_DEAD A destroyed version of INVISIBLE_DESTRUCTIBLE, although there is no wreckage left behind.
TUNNEL_BLOCKER Used to block cars and others from entering train tunnels, although trains pass through this with no problem.
REMOTE A remote control icon. Has to be linked with code to remote control something.
BIN A grey bin that cannot be knocked by players or cars.
BUSH A green plant in an orange pot.

(Originally written by Chris “Pyro” Hockley and formatted by Ben “Cerbera” Millard with full permission.)