Resource Editing

Computer programs often store information about their user interface in a special section called the resource file. Below are the various dialog resource numbers to help find your way around the official DMA Map editor resource file.

Many modified versions of the DMA editor are available from the GTAMP forum topic. XN Resource Editor is what I use to make my own map editor adjustments.

Dialog Entries

Number name Location Notes
100 About the GTA2 Editor Help > About
101 Compress Map Not used.
102 Map Information File > Map Info
103 Edit Zone Data Only works in Windows 98.
104 Edit Objects Only works in Windows 98.
105 Re-Index PSX Tiles to PC Tiles Of no use in PC modding.
106 Edit Route Data Not used. Leftover from GTA1 patrol cars.
107 Slope View > Slope Panel
108 Dialog Not used. See resource 113: Tile Animation.
109 Block Info View > Block Info Panel
110 Tile Selector View > Tile Selector Panel
111 Default Tiles Tools > Settings Default Tiles tab.
112 Startup Tools > Settings Startup tab.
113 Tile Animation Edit > Animation
114 Replace Tiles Edit > Replace
267 Goto Block Position Edit > Goto
268 Camera View > Camera Not used.
270 Edit Light Data Edit > Lights > Edit
273 View Tile Info Not used.
275 Default Collisions Tools > Settings Default Collisions tab.
289 Map Compression Info Not used.
290 Block Data Not used.
291 Map Compression Error Not used.
293 Save As File > Save As Overlay for Common Dialog Control.
294 Save Compressed File > Save Compressed Overlay for Common Dialog Control.
297 Find First Tile Edit > Find Tile
30721 New Not used.
30722 Print Progress Not used.
30723 Print Preview File > Print Preview Toolbar.