Zones in GTA 2 Scripting

My list of tools for GTA2 let you name districts, create traffic lights for your big junctions, add restart locations and even create a network of bus stops. Theses features improve atmosphere and enable some neat gameplay elements, such as buses and trains.

District Names

You should create these so that they stretch right out to the edge of the map, even if it means they cover lots of water. Try to be imaginative with your names, although calling them Zone1 just to start with is fine for testing. Each district name must be unique, from what I can tell. Delfi’s editor has a tab which includes the official documentation.

Using Delfi’s editor on my MultiSlayer level, the zones look like this:

Multislayer zones

Here you can see the districts going right up to the edges of the map, making sure that no matter where the player goes they will always be inside a properly named location.

An odd thing I found was that you often have to add one to the width and height properties to make the districts meet with each other properly. I think this is because the coordinates are precisely (0.0,0.0) and if you set it to be twenty cubes wide, it will only add twenty point zero to make (19.0,0.0) when you wanted (20.0,0.0). Or something.

Bus Stops

This is a fun feature of GTA 2 which is easy to add. Simple use the editor to make some bus stops and then add a bus stop zone over it.

In MultiSlayer I do my bus stops like this:

Bus stop model

To create the bus stop zone I enter this information into a new zone in Delfi’s editor:

Bus stop zone

Traffic Lights

If you have any 4-lane roads, you should use traffic lights. Use the coordinates in the GTA 2 Map Editor to set the top and left properties, then use a calculator to subtract them from the bottom and right properties to get your width and height values.

Here is what I mean:

Traffic lights model

To create a traffic light zone for this junction, you would use the coordinates shown in the mapper to enter this data into the Zone Editor:

Traffic lights zone

Restart Locations

Every police station and hospital should have a restart location. Do not use the special types of restart, though.

In my MultiSlayer level, one of the restart locations is at the big hospital, here:

Hospital restart model

I create a new zone in Delfi’s editor and enter this information:

Hospital restart zone

And the restart zone is added. Try to avoid making restart zones which are just one block in size but do not make them several blocks in any direction either. About four blocks in either direction should be the biggest.