Phones in GTA 2 Mission Scripts

Phones are primarily used for gang missions, but they can server other purposes too. Coloured phones have to be in a gang area in order for them to work, whilst the normal (blue) phones can be placed anywhere.

I’m not going into detail about how to set up a phone with triggers, as the scripting document is easy enough to read. So, here is the basic code for a phone:

OBJ_DATA name = (X,Y,Z) rotation PHONETYPE

Just add whatever name you like. For example:

OBJ_DATA phone_k_e_1 = (127,127,2) 270 GREEN_PHONE

There are four different types of phone. Just add the code below to get the desired phone.

Effect of Values for PHONETYPE
Graphic Purpose
PHONE Blue phone. Information and during missions.
GREEN_PHONE Green phone. Start an easy mission.
YELLOW_PHONE Yellow phone. Start a difficult mission.
RED_PHONE Red phone. Start an extremely difficult mission!

(Originally written by Chris “Pyro” Hockley and formatted by Ben “Cerbera” Millard with full permission.)