Laptop: Driven Mad by Mouse Drivers (16th December 2011)

My beloved pointing device is the Logitech MX510 mouse but it doesn’t have the MouseWare 9.80 software for Windows 7. Indeed, it relies on the default drivers since Vista.

This provide the basic operation but don’t allow any of the custom buttons to be customised. In particular, I liked the Cruise Up and Cruise Down buttons to perform Page Up and Page Down, respectively.

After much searching online, reading several Logitech Knowledge Base articles and their support forum, it seemed hopeless. But then I found a Logitech support thread about SetPoint. Again, stumbling point is there seems to be no official way of downloading that from Logitech’s website.

Happily a web search showed Softpedia had old versions. After much rummaging through the 11-page listing, I finally found SetPoint 4.80 for Windows 7 x64. Downloaded it, installed it and hey presto! It installed without problem, even found and installed a 2MB update for itself.

(There are much new versions. But they might not support my device. It’s considered quite old, in mouse years.)

I made my changes to the buttons, along with changing the mouse acceleration.

Restarted my machine, as I’d used End Process on my Snyaptics Pointing Device processes earlier on. That was to see if the Logitech tab to would appear in the Mouse area of the Windows Control Panel, which seemed a plausible answer on an Internet forum I’d read. That had made no difference, so a restart should bring the other service back and let me check for conflicts.

Removed SetPoint Drivers (26th June 2012)

The mouse has been acting up, being super fast after startup and the Logitech SetPoint main windows appears. Have to click an already selected radio button for the settings to work as they should.

Changing the CruiseUp and CruiseDown buttons into PageUp and PageDown wasn’t working great. Add to that it didn’t fix the addition of playing card suit characters being added to text controls in Firefox when using the side-mounted Back and Forward buttons.

This MX510 mouse used to work brilliantly in XP, alas the official software isn’t going to be upgraded to give Windows 7 proper support. Therefore, I uninstalled it:

It required a restart. The results is it’s working better than before!

Re-Installed SetPoint Drivers (27th June 2012)

Made sure I got setpoint480_x64.exe from Logitech’s legacy FTP site.

The installer immediately disappeared when it finished, while I was in the middle of typing a word. Did my keystrokes act as a shortcut to set something at the end of the process? Hopefully not as it all happened in a flash.

The main SetPoint window is now shown. My mouse has gone super slow, though. Changing to the Moving Mouse tab on the left of SetPoint shows the Pointer Speed is way down towards Slow. I move it nearer Fast and turn Pointer Acceleration to None.

I return to the Mouse Button tab and set each button to something useful:

  1. Left Click
  2. Right Click
  3. Other > Middle Button
  4. Other > Page Up
  5. Other > Page Down

Sadly the Page Up also does a Scroll Up interval with Page Down also doing a Scroll Down interval. Same situation even when using Keystroke Assignment > PGUP or PGDOWN, respectively.

This is good enough. I did Delete the Logitech Mouse and Keyboard Settings shortcut it added to my desktop, though.

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