Laptop: Full Administrator Account! (22nd November 2011)

After much headache and heartache, I found how to get a special access admin rights on windows 7. Finally I have the freedom I have on my old XP PC.

In 10 years of ownership, that machine was affected by Sasser once and I think that was it. (At the time, lots of businesses were also getting it. In the UK, it made the national news on TV.)

So now I actually own the machine I own. Glad I did this on the first day because it requires using a different profile than the one I had started setting up. This limited the amount of setup (documented previously) which I’ll have to repeat.

  1. Laptop!
  2. Received It!
  3. File Transfers with USB Stick
  4. Full Administrator Account!
  5. Installing Firefox
  6. Installing Games
  7. Reducing Processes
  8. WiFi Gaming
  9. E-mail
  10. Backups, Old & New
  11. Desk Arrangements
  12. Migrating Music
  13. Mobile Phone Archive
  14. Web Developer Setup
  15. Printing
  16. Putting Old PC Out To Pasture
  17. Stopping the Magical Edges
  18. Disk Cleanup
  19. FTPuse Integrates Seamlessly
  20. Laptop Performance