Laptop: Backups, Old & New (28th November 2011)

A small and polite flag is in the notification area. To start with this was telling me things like there’s no firewall. Now the only thing left was doing a backup.

Setup Backup

This was another nice experience. I wanted to know more specifically what would be backed up and the related help article explained. I got a nice big confirmation treelist before I actually started it, too.

This should turn out much faster than manually copying files. It should only transfer the things which changed since the previous backup.

It finished really fast!

So I changed the settings to create a system image and added some folders which contain the websites and hobby projects I create. It seemed to start transferring those in the background, although there was no progress bar. Hmm, that leaves me slightly in limbo. Can I can turn off the laptop or disconnect the external hard drive?

  1. Laptop!
  2. Received It!
  3. File Transfers with USB Stick
  4. Full Administrator Account!
  5. Installing Firefox
  6. Installing Games
  7. Reducing Processes
  8. WiFi Gaming
  9. E-mail
  10. Backups, Old & New
  11. Desk Arrangements
  12. Migrating Music
  13. Mobile Phone Archive
  14. Web Developer Setup
  15. Printing
  16. Putting Old PC Out To Pasture
  17. Stopping the Magical Edges
  18. Disk Cleanup
  19. FTPuse Integrates Seamlessly
  20. Laptop Performance