Laptop: FTPuse Integrates Seamlessly? (16th February 2012)

Today I finally got fed up with using Windows Explorer as an FTP client. After just a couple of searches I found you can map an FTP server to a drive letter. That page has an animated GIF showing how it works. Finally, the OS-integrated experience I crave for FTP might be possible!

Uninstalled due to Even Worse Lag (22nd April 2012)

It was awesome to see proper icons. And have the Explorer folder panel work properly in the sidebar. And have folder settings set throughout the entire folder tree by setting them once on the root, instead of them only being remembered in folders where they are specifically set.

But it was so, so slow. The reason I keep coming back to Windows Explorer as an FTP client is the epic convenience and speed. Drag from where I’m working and drop into the folder I want it to go.

So far, in my book, Windows Explorer remains unbeaten.

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