Laptop: Desk Arrangements (28th November 2011)

While working out some equipment arrangements in Fireworks, I started to think outside the box.

This is feeling pretty good.

Laptop Connected to Speakers

Used a normal stereo lead to connect the laptop to my subwoofer. Went to the Start Menu and typed Sound which produced quite a few results. Works fine, although maybe a bit more interfeerence from the scattering of other devices. A very faint hint of static in the output itself.

Clicked on Change system sounds so I could set the Sound Scheme to No Sounds. Windows 7 has nice system sounds, just like XP’s were. (At first. I’m pre-empting the novelty wearing off.)

I also unticked the Play Windows Startup sound on that tab.

While in this Sound window, I clicked the Playback tab and had a nice experience setting up the nature of the speakers. It already seemed to know what they are. Most likely a case of sensible defaults rather than it somehow detecting what they were.

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