Laptop: Web Developer Setup (8th December 2011)

What do I need on my new laptop to make it a viable environment for making websites professionally?

Outlook XP 2002 (8th December 2011)

Sadly this is still necessary for doing formatted e-mails with HTML Stationery. There are only 3 products from Microsoft which I know send out the HTML in nearly the same condition as you wrote it:

So if you must use Stationery, use one of the first three.

Products to Avoid

Any other version of Outlook gets Microsoft Word to produce the HTML. Yes, really.

A case of perfection in, garbage out. One could barely even call it HTML and the compatibility issues are inevitable, endless and often impossible to solve to a client’s satisfaction. I’ve had first-hand experience of that when using:

Major versions which I haven’t tried:

These produce code which is less like HTML than Microsoft Publisher did 10 years ago. Crazy. Run away screaming if you’re asked to make Stationery in any of those products!

Comparable Writing Style

While exploring some tangents from the above fix, I happened upon some Windows Live ID pages. A link called leave the house but not your media caught my eye.

Once I started readed it, I skipped down a bit. Then a lot. It was written as a chronological technical commentary in a mild manner with gentle quirks. Rather lengthy, though.

So it’s not just me who publishes like that!

Visual Basic 6 IDE Enhancements (29th December 2011)

Applied the official mousewheel fix and vbAccelerator’s Windows Theming manifest. Now I can scroll nicely and it looks a bit more up-to-date.

Some of the controls which were nicely updated in Windows XP haven’t got the Windows 7 look this time, though. Oh well.

  1. Laptop!
  2. Received It!
  3. File Transfers with USB Stick
  4. Full Administrator Account!
  5. Installing Firefox
  6. Installing Games
  7. Reducing Processes
  8. WiFi Gaming
  9. E-mail
  10. Backups, Old & New
  11. Desk Arrangements
  12. Migrating Music
  13. Mobile Phone Archive
  14. Web Developer Setup
  15. Printing
  16. Putting Old PC Out To Pasture
  17. Stopping the Magical Edges
  18. Disk Cleanup
  19. FTPuse Integrates Seamlessly
  20. Laptop Performance