Laptop: Installing Firefox (22nd November 2011)

Windows 7 won’t let me run the installer. Huh? A player in Game Hunter tells me I have to browse to the setup file manually, right-click it, then click Run as administrator. What is the point of that?! Anyway, now I can install it.

Firefox starts at a height which nearly fills the desktop but at a width which is about half the desktop. At 1600×900 that makes it too narrow to browse normal websites. So the first thing I must do is make it a sensible width. Easy enough.

Now I start adding some add-ons.

McAffee displays another self-promoting window, with the same underhanded drop-down as before! Pretty sure I’m going to replace it with AVG, later.

Migrating Firefox

Under Tools > Options there’s a Sync tab. I vaguely recalled someone blogging about this working well. Firefox profiles are a pain to move around. (The formats are quite weird, not just copy-and-paste files, iirc.)

Typing in the lengthy security key on my second device didn’t take too long. Once they were both set up I opened the Bookmarks menu on the laptop and within seconds, it started pulling in the PC’s bookmarks. Great!

Switched to the History menu and that already seemed populated. Great! This has made my most dreaded migration task into one of the easiest.

My bookmarks take up 3.2MB on Mozilla’s services. That’s according to Tools > Options, Sync tab, Account drop-down list, View Quota.

Sync has failed a couple of times while using WiFi at my parents’ place. Seems it tried to run every hour until it worked, which seems reasonable.

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