Laptop: WiFi Gaming (26th November 2011)

Staying with parents for a few days while preparing to sell Car-Car. 802.11g fails at gaming, with the router at the opposite end of the house and one floor above.

Ping was around 300 and fluctuated a lot. That turns GTA 2 multiplayer into a jerky slideshow.

The flat has 802.11g but it’s right next to the laptop. That makes it much faster and smoother. Could use the Ethernet lead from my old PC instead.

It really is very technical getting the setup I want. These seem like fairly reasonable things, though. [Works fine at the flat, since router is right next to my laptop.]

FIXED: “When is a function key not a function key?”

[Solution: Windows Mobility Centre let me make my F1 to F12 keys work the normal way, instead of acting as multimedia keys. Phew! Actually quite surprised by how much I use them.]

The standard function keys share their buttons with proprietary functions, such as screen brightness and volume. That’s fine. What isn’t fine is that they work the wrong way round.

To rename a file by pressing F2, I have to press Fn+F2. That’s wrong for a professional, which this product line seems otherwise very well-suited for.

So another task is looking into how to reverse that. [I figured this out a few days later.]

  1. Laptop!
  2. Received It!
  3. File Transfers with USB Stick
  4. Full Administrator Account!
  5. Installing Firefox
  6. Installing Games
  7. Reducing Processes
  8. WiFi Gaming
  9. E-mail
  10. Backups, Old & New
  11. Desk Arrangements
  12. Migrating Music
  13. Mobile Phone Archive
  14. Web Developer Setup
  15. Printing
  16. Putting Old PC Out To Pasture
  17. Stopping the Magical Edges
  18. Disk Cleanup
  19. FTPuse Integrates Seamlessly
  20. Laptop Performance