GTA Vice City Tutorials

Definition of handling.cfg The main features, explained.
Definition of paths.ipl Detailed format of the AI paths.
Manual Editing Guide to making an AI path.
Tools & Editors The most useful tools and files.

Tutorials for GTA 3 & GTA Vice City

Acceleration How straight-line performance works.
Converting Convert between GTA 3 and GTA Vice City.
Dimensions Effect aerodynamic drag and turning.
Detailed Acceleration Weird effects of mass on top speed.
handling.cfg FAQ Answers I give out a lot.
Model Proportions Car sizes affect their performance.
Suspension Difficult but worth getting right.
Traction Grip values for vehicles.
Realistic Handling Where to start and what the limits are.
Why Bother? Why customised handling is important.
Installing Cars Add cars from this site into GTA.
Multiple Installs Keep mods separate from the original files.