The Racing Line

BenMillard Racing Line Playlist: A creative crew challenge to make short races with under-appreciated cars in rarely used locations.

5 laps in less than 5 minutes of Non-Contact racing. This lets you learn the track and compete for fastest lap on their first race. On your second race you might get the overall win!

The Racing Line – Asea

Wiggly short track around Paleto Bay. You’ll be turning one way or the other most of the time. Brake straight, steer gently on the bumps. Use the camber to make this shopping trolley bite into the corners. Locked to standard Asea, 40 seconds per lap.

Baller (2013)

Hotel to gas station and back. Damn, time to fill this gas guzzler up again. 50 seconds per lap. You better win as nobody will buy it after we're done here!


Short laps with natural jumps to finish off the soggy suspension of this over-tuned death trap. From your run-down East LS ’hood past the foundry. And then back home, since it got shut down. Maybe it don't matter if you crash… 40 seconds per lap.


Quartz Movement. Gravel track rally around Davis Quarry for the Dune Buggy. Features rollercoaster curves, hairpin bends and a cross-over. 1m05s record lap, coasting over the bumps. 1m15s is a good lap.

The Racing Line – Premier

Paleto Bay Festival. The town is decorated and closed off, ready for this charity invitational. Hope you paid the damage waiver! 50 seconds per lap for local hillbillies, 47 seconds for city slickers.

The Racing Line – Ruiner

Testing. Starts in Vespucci Canals, goes to the beachfront and back. Lots of linked chicanes. Slow down for the blind crested turns! Locked to Ruiner, 1 minute for a clean lap.

The Racing Line – Speeder

Inshore powerboating for reservoir seadogs in the drinking water of East Los Santos. Got a problem with that? Work harder and buy bottled. We millionaires only drink FLOW. Left stick back for more speed. Hold R1 to turn sharper. 40 seconds per lap.

The Racing Line – Sultan

Short farm track rally stage with grass verges. 40 seconds is easy but 35 requires optimal lines. Cut the corners a little bit.

The Racing Line – Turismo

High speed. Dab the brakes. Kerb to kerb. Feel the downforce. Follow the cones over both railway crossings to miss the posts. 40 seconds is a good lap.

The Racing Line – Turismooo

GCCC Verified 10. Smooth medium and high speed turns. 85mph average speed to keep those aero parts busy. Do not hop over the medians, it’s slower. 45s is a great lap, 43s for Turismo owners. No Zentornos!

The Racing Line – Vigero

Micheal is casting a 1970’s style cop show at Lester’s warehouse. With chicanes sharper than the side-kick’s one-liners and service roads faster than this week’s hastily written love interest, it’ll be a big hit one way or another. 55 seconds will get you a call-back. 50 seconds and the part is yours.

The Racing Line Warrener

Old school rally on Paleto farm tracks. Hook the inside ditches, cut inside the apex if it’s clear. Just don't run wide! SLOW RIGHT DOWN for the blind turns. A clean lap is 55 seconds.

Work in Progress

The Racing Line – Liberator

50 seconds per lap around the army fitness course in Paleto Bay.