Off-Road Exploring

SUV Friendly Playlist: All possible in standard Sandking SWB. Most are possible with many other vehicles from the Off-Road class

Off-Road (Island Laps)

Rock crawling for beginners or enduro training for pros around a picturesque island. RAISED VEHICLES ONLY at high tide. Liberator and SUV compatible. Easily under 2 minutes if you drive slow and careful.

One deep water crossing, jumped over in the other direction. Three steep little climbs. Some rock crawling in shallow water, with detours.

Off-Road (Altruist Altitude)

Dirt and gravel tracks lapping the mountain. Fast opening section, gradually tightens to a steep descent with a hairpin. Be careful at any blind corners from that point onwards. 3 minutes is a good lap.

Off-Road (East Ridges)

Lenichelle led a NextGenGTA event over this scenic route. Slow down at each peak! (I followed GTAmission's video on YouTube to recreate it for everyone.)

Low vehicles are fine here. There are no water crossings.

Off-Road (Mount Gordo)

Narrow hiking path with moderate climbs and no major obstacles. Hairpin turns and very steep descents after the summit will test your brakes, steering and nerves. Liberator and SUV compatible. 6m30s on Scorcher bicycle, 4m15s standard Dune Buggy.

Low vehicles are fine here. No water crossings but there are stairs, with nearby detours.

Off-Road (Grassy Knoll)

Hilside playground for expert truck trials competition. Sandking SWB best for newcomers. Standard Rebel is just about possible. Various custom trucks and buggies might do it, too.

Currently not in the playlist as it requires advanced hill traversal techniques towards the end.

Newly Created

Palomino Highlands. Rarely used. Beautiful to explore. Difficult to create a route. After many tries, these are ready for public testing.

Off-Road (Palomino SUV)

NOT A RACE – help each other. Dubsta recommended for steep climbs and traversals – half throttle to avoid wheelspin. Pump it to stay in 1st gear; 2nd gear kills the power. Under 5 minutes standard Dubsta.

Off-Road (Palomino TEST)

NOT A RACE. Help each other shatter the peace of this previously unspoilt habitat. Kalahari: Hold half throttle to avoid wheelspin. Pump it to stay in 1st gear; 2nd gear has no power. Sandking is OK but experts use the Injection. NO SANCHEZ PLEASE! 6 minutes standard Kalahari. Under 8 minutes is OK.

Outside of Playlist

These can take 10–15 minutes each. A bit greedy asking people to play them one after another. juicy_fun kindly did that and recorded videos for them!

Off-Road (East Coast)

Climb every boulder and ford every cove. Sandking SWB recommended – raised vehicles only due to waves. Credit to GTAmissions and NextGenGTA on YouTube for this challenging route past the Power Station and Biolab. Under 7 minutes for standard Sandking SWB. Non-Contact to race, Standard to assist.

A couple of deep water crossings. A couple of steep, rocky cliff climbs and traversals. High tide rules out buggies but at low tide they are fine.

Off-Road (South Coast)

Sandking SWB required for steep and extreme rock crawling, deep water sections and trashing a beach party. The tricky inland detours requre precise hill climb technique. Liberator compatible. Under 15 minutes, if you can finish at all.

Almost impossible in anything other than Sandking or Liberator!

Off-Road (Kalahari Only)

Pacific shore to Mt Chiliad summit without using roads or tracks. Balance the throttle just before wheelspin. Stay in 1st gear by pumping the throttle slightly – the automatic change to 2nd kills your speed. Steer gently or not at all.

Tested with standard Kalahari – custom versions should find this easier. Extremely steep final section, on the limit of what is possible to climb. Help each other out if you can.