Tarmac Races

Tarmac Races Playlist: A mix of Golden Era road races followed by an all-American oval race.

Galileo’s Gradients

Tarmac hill climb one side, downhill drifting the other and just a few straw bales for safety. Short but flowing laps past the Observatory. Starts in a nearby tunnel.

Sisyphus Theater

Sweeping rollercoaster roads through hilly forest, a bit like the old Spa circuit. Practice your lines for an emotional performance. 1m45s standard Massacro lap.

Take it easy over those hill tops on the first half of the course.

Through the Grapvine II

Slipstream up and slalom down for clean racers. Non-Contact by default as you need to SLOW DOWN for the blind crests in the first few turns. The rest is twisty but less hazardous. Uphill highway is flat out until the final chicane. BadgersLP had also done this route, with stricter checkpoints. 3m20s in standard Massacro, no risks.

Not currently in the playlist but probably will be added soon!

El Race-o Madrazo

Monte Carlo rally stage meets illegal street race. Rolling hillside turns soon after a 4-wide starting grid on the freeway. A breakneck section between walls climbs up to a winding highway and back to the freeway.

Arena Roof Oval

Tightly packed grid of Muscle cars on the steeply banked start straight.

16 player tarmac oval racing! 40 seconds per lap, which is 3 times around or 0.75 miles. Keep it low and Non-Contact. Sedan class lets you use custom Intruder for modern NASCAR style.


Gymkhana (Docks)

Ken Block style! Sharp chicanes, handbrake turns and short straights to test your getaway skills.

Not currently in the playlist. A bit too complicated unless you can follow me around it. Handbrake turns don’t work in many cars, please fix that R*! This was my first ever race.