Rally Stages

Rally Races Playlist: Off-road lap races following tracks, free from major obstacles or water crossings. Buggies tend to rule this terrain but it’s fun in custom trucks, like a Baha or Dakar stage.

Rally (El Burro Heights)

Custom rally cars only: Sultan, Kuruma, Comet, Futo, Prairie, Pigalle. Long gravel stage through the East LS oil field. No cross-overs or double loops. 3 minutes per lap if you drive carefully! Sultan recommended first time here.

The Racing Line – Sultan

Short farm track rally stage with grass verges. 40 seconds is easy but 35 requires optimal lines. Cut the corners a little bit.

1600cc Rally (Big Ears)

Rutted tracks and tarmac linking sections around the desert satellite dishes. Don’t let them grab your attention because the bushes will grab your steering! 1 minute per lap, standard Blista.

GTA San Andreas called its big satellite dish The Big Ear. This new name is a throwback to that.

The Racing Line – Buggy

Quartz Movement. Gravel track rally around Davis Quarry for the Dune Buggy. Features rollercoaster curves, hairpin bends and a cross-over. 1m05s record lap, coasting over the bumps. 1m15s is a good lap.

1600cc Rally (Ridge Farm)

Rural track over and around a scenic hill. Includes a loop through a farm. Locked to Blista, 1m30s is OK. Expert drivers can get 1m20s.

The Racing Line Warrener

Old school rally on Paleto farm tracks. Hook the inside ditches, cut inside the apex if it’s clear. Just don't run wide! SLOW RIGHT DOWN for the blind turns. A clean lap is 55 seconds.

1600cc Rally (Wilderness)

Nicky Grist heard about your driving...and quickly cancelled! You’ll drive this solo. A high risk mix of gravel, mud and dirty tarmac. BRAKE VERY EARLY on the tarmac and ANY downhill sections. Inspired by bellyfluff’s 1600cc series. 3 minutes is a good lap, standard Blista. Lokisho did 2m44.097s.

Outside of Playlist

Redwood Lights Unlimited

Race any vehicle on the motocross track! You need supple suspension for the bumps and tyres which can handle mud.

Any off-road vehicle will be OK. Some are much better than others. Sanchez should be banned here because it dominates anyone trying the fun of 4 wheels! Not in the playlist because of lots of people have used this area now.


Rally (Drink and Drive)

Amongst the vines, look up the hillside at a traditional Mediterranean villa.

WRC style in the vineyard. Mixed surface stage heads uphill on steep tracks then plunges back down the twisty tarmac. Try the Sultan! Under 2 minutes per lap.

A couple of blind turns over crests which I’d like to mark out better.