October 2010 in the Life of Ben (Blog)

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Faust at the New Vic (23th October 2010)

A surprisingly funny, gripping and occassionally moving performance. Heavily adapted from the great classic but I felt a sympathy for every character. The Young Vic is a modern venue and a fair bit of acrobatics added to the spectacle. Went with a trio of London friends.

Washing the Washing Machine (17th October 2010)

Yesterday I read the maintenance sections of its manual. It recommends doing the hottest cotton cycle (95°) with an empty load and use normal detergent. Mum had recommended the same but would add a couple of teaspons of limescale remover as well. So that’s what I did and there has been a noticable improvement!

Family Reunion (13th October 2010)

Mum, Dad and I met up over Saturday and Sunday. Did a 3-mile cycle on Saturday with Dad and went out for about 40 minutes by myself on Sunday afternoon, before having kebabs as our family dinner.

I did a few hours of work while I was there, which was kinda lame but has helped the next week go more smoothly. (I’m writing this after the event.)