August 2010 in the Life of Ben (Blog)

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Backup Before Moving PC (29th August 2010)

The PC I’ve used since 2001 is now officially mine, so I’ll be moving it to my London flat. Copying everything I’ve made to an external drive before moving it, just in case.

Repaired Car for 1st Time (21st August 2010)

A couple of weeks ago, dad noticed the front right tyre was soft. We re-inflated it but now it’s gradually soft again. Took it to Lynchford Tyres by the Pondtail junction. They found the base of the valve was leaking, so the replaced the valve. Cost a little £6 in total!

Moving Stuff to London! (21st August 2010)

Tomorrow I shall be moving a yet-to-be-confirmed amount of my stuff from Hampshire to London. ‘Moving stuff’ in more ways than one!

Registered online to pay the congestion charge, requested to be informed by e-mail. Will have a family take-away now (4pm) then continue. Then took a closer look and found weekends are free of the Congestion Charge!


Seems to be an inordinate amount of time-consuming errands over the past weeks and months are involved in moving home! Hope to collate them into one big list, once things have settled down.