Lumia 800: Received Monster Headphones (17th June 2012)

Unboxed headphones with the oversized UPS delivery box, various inner boxes with cyan cables and headphones.

During May 2012, UK readers may have seen Nokia adverts saying you’d get free Monster headphones worth £200 with any Lumia you buy during May 2012. Well, I had just bought my phone and so claimed the offer.

As you’d expect, everything about this campaign is designed to cause a high drop-out rate so they earn more from increased phone sales than they lose from giving away lush headphones.

After running the guantlet of dozen-digit numbers, a long phone call and much scanning of documents I successfully received my headphones. And they are good!

The photo is from my phone. I used the options to apply the Auto-fix setting. This helped the light levels a lot. Saved the adjusted image, e-mailed it to my laptop, then scaled and cropped in Fireworks.

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