Windows Phone 7.8! (12th April 2013)

Finally it’s arrived on Vodafone UK! The process I experienced is just like the short description of upgrade experience by another Vodafone customer.

Official version numbers say OS version 7.10.8862.144 is newest and that is what I now have.

My phone told me there was an update and Zune told me it was OS version 7.10.8779.8 which isn’t Windows Phone 7.8, weirdly.

However, it did 4 updates in total, one after another. The final one is Windows Phone 7.8! Took about 1.5 hours in total.

First Impressions

Lost my accent colour, it’s an over-saturated blue called Cobalt instead of the cyan of my case.

The default tile size is much taller as it extends wider, moving the shortcut to apps list from a right-hand gutter to below the last row of tiles.

This means I can’t sneak the top of the 5th row into view. I can’t quite see all of the 4th row.

After reducing sizes and re-arranging tiles, everything fits on 3 rows. This is perfect when scrolled to the bottom as I see the shortcut to Settings and the top row starts just below the status area.

After doing that, it’s really neat!

Restarting is Good?

Have animations gotten smoother throughout the phone now? Might just be the placebo effect. Restarting the phone probably helped it, maybe that’s all it was. I should restart my phone every week or two, most likely, just like I do with my Windows 7 laptop.

Remember when you had to restart your PC every time you finished using it? There was no Sleep in Windows 95 and I only started using Hibernate a few years into XP.

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