Lumia 800: Timer App? (27th May 2012)

Cooking for me amounts to:

  1. Pre-heat the oven.
  2. Decide what to eat.
  3. Unpackage food from fridge or freezer.
  4. Adjust oven temperature if needed.
  5. Place food in oven.
  6. Wait for the right amount of time.
  7. Turn off oven.
  8. Serve food.

As my ancient Casio watch has finally used up its replacement battery, I’m looking to use my phone for the timing aspect to this.

Searching the Marketplace

  1. Started typing timer.
  2. That came up as a suggestion before I had even finished typing.
  3. Clicked it and it ran the search.
  4. List was quite long. There’s plenty of choice for basic features!
  5. Am especially keen to find a Metro-looking one which will prevent the lock screen.
  6. I clicked a few of them, read the author’s description, then went to the screenshots.
  7. Eventually found one called Timer by Christian Dullweber whose screenshots look completely native and makes sensible use of controls.
  8. Installed it.
  9. As it installs, you are taken to the applications list and it gets a progress bar underneath.

Once it had installed, I clicked it to open it:

  1. First screen shows 3 preset timersL
    • 1 hour 30 minutes, presented as: 1:30:00
    • 5 minutes, presented as: 0:05:00
    • 3 seconds, presented as: 0:00:03
  2. The oven had pre-heated by now, so I pressed and held on the 5 minutes one.
  3. Happily, as I hoped, this displayed a context menu for it.
  4. Options were edit or delete.
  5. I click edit.
  6. This gives me a set of 3 options, again looking totally standard:
    • Timespan
    • Sound
    • Name
  7. I clicked on Timespan and got the standard “ooh, pretty” interface like setting dates and times.
  8. Swiped the minutes column upwards to 10.
  9. Clicked the tick to save this setting.
  10. Now I clicked on the Name.
  11. Replaced the text with Pizza and saved.
  12. This started the timer running.
  1. Received my Nokia Lumia 800 Cyan!
  2. Sync WLM Calendar via Hotmail
  3. Sync Contacts with WLM via Hotmail
  4. Foreca Weather App by Microsoft
  5. gMaps App?
  6. Google Maps?
  7. Photos & Sharing
  8. Timer
  9. Vodafone
  10. Received my Monster Headphones
  11. Software Update via Zune
  12. Windows Phone 7.8!
  13. New Screen Protector