Lumia 800: Photos & Sharing (24th May 2012)

Fiona was watering the quartet of potted herbs I bought for her last year. It was a sunny morning and the window was open, looking out on some green trees and the London skyline.

Made for a surprisingly nice photo, so nice that it’s now the wallpaper on my phone. The camera seems to have a lot of critics on the Internet but my initial experience has been positive.

I was able to upload the photo to my SkyDrive from my Lumia. Then, using the SkyDrive website on my laptop, set which specific contacts I’d like to share it with. It all worked fine.

More Space to Share

SkyDrive is file hosting provided by Microsoft as part of the Windows Live, Hotmail and Windows 7 in different ways. There was a notice above my Hotmail inbox saying the storage would be 7GB soon but there was a free upgrade to keep the current 25GB. So I followed it and, sure enough, was granted the full 25GB free.

Only took a few clicks, so I showed Fiona how to do the same from her Hotmail account.

  1. Received my Nokia Lumia 800 Cyan!
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  7. Photos & Sharing
  8. Timer
  9. Vodafone
  10. Received my Monster Headphones
  11. Software Update via Zune
  12. Windows Phone 7.8!
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