May Day (Not ‘Mayday’) (2nd May 2011)

Fiona and I stayed at my family’s home over the long weekend. Arrived at Fleet near 10am on Friday and departed near 8:30pm the following Monday. Watched the Royal Wedding together. My wrist is still quite broken but we managed several hours of cycling on Saturday. Fiona drove us to The New Forest on Sunday for a bit more.


Typed up directly from the notes I made after we got back:

  1. Watched wedding.
  2. Ate jacket potatos.
  3. Cycled to Basingborne park.
  4. Chain came off one of the bicycles. Was difficult to re-fit but we got it.
  5. Played some frisbee.
  6. Heard music for a while.
  7. Decided to find where it came from; there was a party out past Linkway.
  8. Rode to Velmead Common.
  9. Followed some different routes around the open prehistoric-looking heath.
  10. Backtracked to The Forester’s carpark.
  11. Took gravel tracks to airfield, which we looked out over for some time.
  12. It’s a little like the high plateau in The Simpsons which looks out over Springfield.
  13. Chain came off a bicycle again. Re-fitting it was easier this time.
  14. Cycled around the sand.
  15. Rode along the surprisingly large area which was cleared for The World is not Enough, where they have a hovercraft chase in North Korea.
  16. Sprinted down a loose gulley and up a hillock to watch a plane land.
  17. Rode back past Pyestock.
  18. Rode the stream which drains into Fleet Pond.
  19. Detoured through a meadow on our way to the pond.
  20. Had an idyllic laze around on the grass for a while.
  21. Continued to the picnic benches at the viewport.
  22. Wrote some of these notes while seated.
  23. Saw lots of swans as we stopped at several jetis, walking right to the end of each one.
  24. Rode back on the roads to Fleet Wharf, where we rejoined the Basingstoke Canal.
  25. Did a cooldown lap around Wickham Close before storing the bicycles.
  26. It was now about 7:15pm!
  27. Guinea Pigs were all fine.
  28. Ate some fish for dinner, which I cooked.
  29. Found a woodland fruits strudel in the freezer so we had half of that for pudding.
  30. Watched some Arrested Development from DVD.
  31. Made a bed for Fiona and turned in for the night.

Plaster Cast (5th May 2011)

Had my follow-up wrist X-ray this morning for the injury I got whilst playing football. Was waiting for about half an hour on a few occassions. Diagnosis is that I have a broken radius bone in my right wrist. So they gave me a fibre-glass cast for the next 3 weeks.

It’s quite hard to use a mouse, so work have given me a trackball. First time I’ve used one so will see how it goes.