Easter Holiday (25th April 2011)

Fiona found the Riding House Café blog, which shows the candid and charasmatic experience of the owner getting this new establishment built, furnished, equipped and ready for business. The first month was half price so we went and totally loved every aspect of it!

Good Friday

Waterlow Park hosted us for a sunny afternoon.

Headed back to our separate dwellings.


We wandered around the South Bank Festival. Spent some time in The Hayward Gallery, particular mesmerising display of photography of Afghanistan and the troops serving there.

Weather forecast said there would be a thunderstorm by 7pm. At about 6:30pm we felt the first spots of rain and soon after that, the first bolt of lightening! Took the Tube to Oxford Circus and walked towards mine from there, by which time the rain had stopped.

We dropped in at the Café to make a reservation for 7pm. That gave us time to get back to mine and dress for dinner. We were still probably the scuffiest people there, though! We were sat by the green cushion in the middle of that photo on their blog.


Fractured my wrist whilst playing football. Was playing cricket to start with. Bowling, batting and fielding. Remembered how to throw really far! Then relaxed on the grass with Fiona and a friend.

A football rolled over to us a couple of times from a nearby casual game. They had 4 players on one team and 3 on another, so invited me to join in.

I fell awkwardly near the start, slipping over in the trendy fabric plimsoles I’d gotten for the fashionable cyclist photoshoot. It felt weird right away but the pain didn’t hit me until a couple more falls and a couple of hours later, when I stopped playing and the adrenaline went away.

The swelling was also a clue by this stage!


Went to a GP and they referred me to a hospital. But the hospital’s X-ray unit was closed, as it was a Bank Holiday.

Went back and got the scan. They suspected a slight fracture in scaphoid. Couldn’t see it on the scan though. So they gave me a dark blue fabric splint with velcro to hold it steady.

About 10 days later they called me back and gave another diagonosis. This time they thought I should be in plaster, so a cool oriental man made a fibre-glass cast for me. He light-heartedly complained about having to treat 20 or so football injuries every week, yet hardly ever had boxers or rugby players.

Friday 27th May 2011

I got the cast removed last Friday.

Thursday 2nd June 2011

Wrist is a bit clunky and has less movement than my good wrist. But it’s getting towards full strength and every day it feels a bit better. Yay!