Seventh Ride of 2007 (22nd May 2007)

Explored the woods out past the Foresters’ Inn on the outskirts of Fleet. I hadn’t ridden these tracks’s like a huge swathe of countryside I’ve never been in before.

Luckily all that time playing GTA games has given me a pretty good feel for navigation so I didn’t get lost! Came out in Pondtail which is also on the outskirts of Fleet but further round.

There was a clearing which looked out over a big stretch of ferns and grasses surrounded by conifers and pine. Looked like something out of Walking with Dinosaurs. But there were several jet airliners leaving thin white vapour trails in a grid across the sky, like spaceships in a sci-fi movie.

It was like BCE100,000,000 and 2400CE in one scene.

This was my longest ride of the year, taking an hour or two. Much of it was taken at a very gentle pace, just admiring the scenery.