TortoiseSVN 1.4.7

  1. Install (notes)
  2. Begin
  3. First Project (screenshots)
  4. Update a Project
  5. Add a File
  6. Delete a File
  7. Commit the Local Version

As the first version control system I have used, this was a voyage into the unknown.

Server administration type stuff tends to be fairly unfriendly to first-time users. My boss remarked these things are usually made by programmers, for programmers. Their first goal is to make tasks possible. Making them intuitive and convenient may or may not happen.

It is an open-source project. In theory, any aspect can be improved by:

It integrates brilliantly with XP theming and uses standard controls. Every window I’ve seen has exemplary sizing features.

The learning curve starts very steeply, which is not great for commercial use. A lot of clever stuff has to happen for version control to work. But web browsers prove a smooth experience for users is possible even when the nuts and bolts are complicated.