GTA2 Game Hunter BenMillard Edition (GHBM)

My ideas and experiments to improve Sektor’s GTA2 Game Hunter. It was released with Sektor’s permission. Most of the ideas are now in Sektor’s official version.


The official GTA2 Game Hunter by Sektor has all the important refinements. That means GHBM was successful and is no longer needed!

You can read all the changes. Sektor owns the project and the source code. GHBM was based on 1.491 which is now obsolete.


Please do not host or mirror this file. Link to this page instead. Typing !gh in any version of Game Hunter shows the link to the newest Game Hunter.


I am BenMillard in GTA2 Game Hunter, or you can contact me. I also used these forum topics while improving GHBM:

Testers & Contributors

Tested on Windows 98, XP, Vista and Windows 7.

  1. [DAFE]
  2. Andrej
  3. B-Shep
  4. Ben Millard
  5. Lantyz
  6. Lars Gaastra
  7. Mati/_L_Mati
  8. Maxim_V8
  9. ML
  10. MrExclusive
  11. Razor
  12. Salamander
  13. Sektor
  14. Trademark
  15. TripleVision/FlipCandy/CandyFlipper
  16. Trollpatrol/TommySprat
  17. Vike
  18. Witeck
  19. Yoghurt