Improving GTA2 Game Hunter (6th April 2009)

After years of asking for it, Sektor sent me the source code for GTA2 Game Hunter on 23rd March 2009:

I've been planning to give you the code. I’m still making major changes, so for now it would just be for experimenting and personal use. The code is also a huge undocumented mess but I don’t see that changing anytime soon.


Since then I have been tidying up the user interface. No new features, just trying to make it nicer to use. I am calling it GTA2 Game Hunter BenMillard Edition (GHBM for short).

Sektor found, integrated or wrote from scratch all the difficult stuff. Ben Millard made a range of front-end changes to test usability ideas.

Public Announcements, Private Testing

Earlier today, Sektor clarified the status of my work.

Sektor:you can posts screenshots publically and talk about your work
BenMillard:yay :)
BenMillard:I'll write a blog entry about GHBM, with some screenies
BenMillard:GHBM is still a private release to trusted players
BenMillard:frankly I wouldn't want to make it public at this stage
BenMillard:not with that Autosize button up top

If you want to test GHBM, contact me. I’m BenMillard in GTA2 Game Hunter. I am not giving out the source code because it is Sektor’s project.


Public Release (28th December 2009)

Read the blog entry about its release or go to the new page for GHBM.