Author and Site
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HTML to XHTML Oops, I fell for the XHTML hype.
Mobile Support Even ancient mobiles were fine with HTML.
Site Policy If you like my stuff, link to it.
Site Information From 2004!
Ideas and Opinions
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Atheism Dude, where’s your god?
Demarest Drama from GTA Forums.
First Principles My design for life.
Food Studying what I eat.
Hygiene Studying how often I wash.
Infinities What is it? I’m not sure.
Lucid Dreaming A dream in which I knew I was dreaming.
Money Does making money make sense?
Poems Like good poems? Try some of mine instead.
Spam Ways I deal with spam using Outlook Express.
The Runaway Dramatisation of a true story.
UK Information Some facts and fancies about where I live.
In Progress
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FTP Clients Comparing various FTP programs.