Racing Cars

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FnF Skyline (conversion) by Omega007 (29th January 2004)

FnF Skyline

The Nissan Skyline has long been a famously wild production road vehicle but there are those who always want to make something wild into something simply insane! Deriving their roots from the “Hot Rod” scene of mid twentieth-century America, modern vehicle tuners use the very latest in automotive technology to push their vehicles to the very limits.

2F2F Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder (conversion) by Omega007 (19th December 2003)

2F2F Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder

Mitsubishi do not have a particularly prolific road racing division. Their efforts are mainly concentrated on events like the Paris-dakar rally, where they have enjoyed great sucess with the Pajera for many years. Street tuners have lept at the cars Mitsubishi produces and turn them into modern hot-rods, complete with personalised paint schemes and extensive body re-modeling.

Audi LM Concept by Griff (18th December 2003)

LM Concept

Audi have never entered into many formula of motorsport at once but their accumulated sucesses over the years are remarkable. From the revolutionary A4 Quattro WRC in the nineteen eighties to the more recent A4 Quattro which ran in the BTCC with great sucess in the wet British climate, Audi have maintained a prestigious racing pedigree. Their dominance of the LeMans 24 hours event (and its associated European and American series) in recent years is incredible and it is a wonderful dream that this new Le Mans concept could be thundering down Mulsanne to similar sucesses.

Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 7 WRC by Griff (18th December 2003)

Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 7

The latest edition of the world-renowned Mitsubishi Lancer series. Famous for the string of WRC victories whilst driven by the now retired Tommy Makinen, Mitsubishi also have endurance rallying programs involving the Paris-dakar, using a V6 powered pickup.

McLaren F1 LM by Mortukai, Silver007, Frazprg & Thedude420 (12th December 2003)

McLaren F1 LM

McLaren F1 race cars competed in world GT championships during the late nineteen nineties in both GTR and LM editions. It competed against other legendary cars such as the Lister Storm LM, Ferrari F40 GTR and Mercedes CLK LM. This particular model is a road-going version created with a wider body than the world-record original McLaren F1 for increased cornering performance.

Opel Astra DTM by Exige (10th December 2003)

Opel Astra DTM

The governing body of the German touring car championship (Deutsche Tourenwagen Meisterschaft) differs from many others by allowing extensive re-bodying of the cars which are homologated to race in the series. This has led to very distinctive styling for this unique breed of racecar, using crisp wheel flares and extensive underbody aero aids.

Go-Kart by Exige, Majestic & DJ-Mills (10th December 2003)


The perfect vehicle to begin your understanding of motor racing technique is the humble go-kart. However, this particular model is far from humble with its sequential gearshift and ultra lightweight chassis construction.

Radical SR3 by Dup & Exige (10th December 2003)

Radical SR3

Designed for the public "track-day" events held at the many racing circuits in the UK, the SR3 combines the historicaly sucessful ideals of very light weight with small dimensions to create a car with extreme agility. A heavily tuned 1300cc motorcycle engine is used to ensure weight is as low as possible whilst producing a surprising amount of power!

Nissan R390 by Travis S. (14th July 2003)

Nissan R390

One of the longest-running LeMans cars, the R390 has run in the GTP category for over half a decade and was no stranger to the podium. Boasting outstanding reliability and some of the best weight distribution in motor sport, the R390 was only beaten on outright pace.