Off Road Vehicles

Follow my installing cars tutorial and the readme.txt, if the mod has one.

Patriot SE (modification) by GTAGuy (23rd)

Patriot SE

Designed in the mid-eighties as a replacement for the 1930s USA Military amphibious vehicle, the “duck”. However, the Patriot Special Edition was never put into full production due to severe bouyancy problems. As a result, just a handful remain as collectors items, highly sought after in some automotive circles.

Jeep Wrangler by Blaer (16th June 2003)

Jeep Wrangler

The classic Jeep marque has been manufacturing rugged off-road vehicles for over half a century and made famous by their military contracts. This new model is truely contemporary in its construction and accomodation - occupants can enjoy leather upholstery and climate control.