Myriad Islands’ Handling

FBI version of a Corvette replica rounds a blind corner, heading straight towards the camera.

There is a huge effort amongst the GTA modifications community on a massive project called Myriad Islands. It is the creation of an entire new city in a modular, communal basis which drives them.

But what will the players drive in Myriad? A brand new fleet of user-made cars, to replace every vehicle in the GTA Vice City game engine. These cars will be very different from the original cars they replace, so I was making their physics configuration settings so they perform properly.

(Myriad Islands is now MISA, so this overhaul has finished.)



  1. Download the above and save it somewhere safe.
  2. Extract the contents out of the winRAR archive.
  3. Open your Grand Theft Auto Vice City\data folder where Myriad is installed.
  4. Re-name the file handling.cfg to old_handling.cfg or similar.
  5. Copy my handling.cfg file to the Grand Theft Auto Vice City\data\ folder and re-name to handling.cfg so the game finds it.
  6. Load up your Myriad Islands install of GTA Vice City and enjoy!

I recommend that you use multiple installs of the game so that you can keep one install totally original, allowing you to undo any modifications you make to the other installs. You have probably already done this to install Myriad Islands, so do not worry.


Car Setups Complete

  1. Sarin Molotov (Illspirit)
  2. Myriad F1 (Sadistic Machine)
  3. Sheldon Boa (Sadistic Machine)
  4. Bulldozer (DieselGT)
  5. Mountie (DieselGT)
  6. Corgette (DieselGT)
  7. FBI Corgette (DieselGT)
  8. Crown Court (DieselGT)
  9. Brabust V12 (DieselGT)
  10. BEAV (Sadistic Machine)
  11. Chief 429 (DieselGT)
  12. G-5907 Interceptor (DieselGT)
  13. Wrecker (Rich)
  14. Cleansweeper (Ghost of the Delete Key)
  15. Faregreen (Rich)
  16. Turtle (Rich)
  17. SOB Turbo (Kitteh)
  18. Cebille (Rich)
  19. Econis (Rich)
  20. Econis Taxi (Rich)
  21. Nimick (Monitor57)
  22. Dragfish (Sadistic Machine)
  23. Superfish (Sadistic Machine)
  24. Borscht (DieselGT)
  25. Piper GTS-R (DieselGT)

To allow people to comment on this handling overhaul I made my own thread in the Myriad Islands section.