Common Vehicles

Follow my installing cars tutorial and the readme.txt, if the mod has one.

Marcopolo Bus by Celestron, WiSeBoi84 & Andrex3000 (12th November 2005)

Marcopolo Bus

Marco Polo lived from 1254CE to 1324CE and became one of the most famous explorers in European history. A pioneering man born in the famous Italian city of Venice, he lead the furthest expedition Eastwards which had ever been undertaken at that time. Now you can live out a little adventure of your own using the Marcopolo Viale III City Bus!

Renault Kangoo by Sin5k4 (23rd September 2004)

Renault Kangoo

The Renault Kangoo occupies a rather odd modern category. It is definitly a utility vehicle as it only has two seats and to all intends and purposes is a van. But it has the styling and performance of a family saloon. Combining these two normally opposite characteristics has created a vehicle which is both practical for carrying tools and materials around but also offers the occupants levels of comfort previously unheard of for a small van.

Honda Civic by Sin5k4 (23rd September 2004)

Honda Civic

Honda are well established as a manufacturer of reliable family cars as well as having an impressive racing pedigree. The latter category is certainly not what this edition of the Civic was meant to fulfill but it carries out everything desired from the more modest, former option.

Alfa Romeo 164 by Sin5k4 (29th April 2004)

Alfa Romeo 164

Created as a stylish family saloon, the modern layout of the 164 still remains affordable and efficient. These are not the qualities normally associated with the marque of Alfa Romeo but the fact is that they do not just make highly tuned sports machines. However, none of their cars could be said to perform in a mundane manner as the 164 demonstrates with responsive steering, powerful brakes and a rev-happy engine.

Mercedes 200D by Sin5k4 (29th July 2004)

Mercedes 200D

Diesel engines are not renowned for having sporty credentials and the Mercedes 200D does not contradict this trend. More of a budget executive transport than a plush grand tourer, the 200D won customers who aspired to the latter but could only afford the former. Heavy and softly sprung, the 200D is not rewarding to try driving really hard but it does respond well when pushed gently.

Chevrolet Caprice by Bigfoot2003 (7th January 2004)

Chevrolet Caprice

Chevrolet are perhaps not the manufacturer from whom you would expect a typical American executive saloon to be made by. However, in 1996 the well-known marque did precisely that with this, the Chevrolet Caprice. Although it lacks some of the prestige bestowed upon Cadillacs of a similar style, the Caprice does inherit some of the sports car heritage for which Chevrolet is famed.

FIAT Palio by Rec3d (18th December 2003)

FIAT Palio

As one of the multitude of small hatchbacks on the market, FIAT created the Palio in the mid nineteen nineties as a cheap runaround primarily for poorer nations. Named after the Italian town of the same name, this hatchback retains a small-car feel unique to FIAT.

BMW M6 by Sin5k4 (15th December 2003)


In mid nineteen eighties the economic boom throughout Europe and the USA meant people could afford to buy more expensive cars. BMW increased their reputation as one of the best manufacturers of modern tourers by releasing such cars as this, the M6. It became the flagship of the BMW fleet at that time and many of styling cues were carried forward to the next generation of executive saloons.