Classic Cars

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Datsun 240Z by by Superfly Driver (18th March 2004)

Datsun 240Z

Datsun is a subsidiary marque of the automotive giant Nissan, releasing this 240Z in 1969. During its five year production run the model went through a few variations and many custom parts were manufactured following the sucess of the world rally version. Renowned for its streamlined body shape, it remains one of the most distinctive sillhouettes today.

1965 Ford Mustang by Turpuli (10th January 2004)

Ford Mustang

One of the very first cars to introduce the concept of the muscle car to the automotive world, the Ford Mustang has undergone a few model changes which have not been popular. However, this is one of the very first editions and has been granted cult status from appearing in several popular movies from its era.

Mini Cooper by Eddy Brown (26th October 2003)

Mini Cooper

Along with such famous cars as the FIAT500 and Subaru 360, the Mini marked the beginning of the economical era in car making which continues today. Vehicles not designed to be fashion accessaries but to be the best mechanical solution to the problem of modern personal transportation. Designed by the famous Alex Issigonis and other such revered names of automotive history, some famous movies in popular culture (such as "The Italian Job") have ensured the immortalisation of the mkI mini.

1967 Pontiac GTO by Turpuli (25th October 2003)

Pontiac GTO

Pontiac are famous for the muscle cars they have traditionally made. In the late sixties the social and economic climates were such that brutish cars like the GTO could come equipped with relativly luxurious commodities for the time without the expense we would expect today.

Caterham 7 by EddyBrown (12th September 2003)

Caterham 7

The architypal kit car, here in its most modern guise. The Lotus 7 is sometimes credited with starting the ultra-lightweight sports car braket, but in fact their roots date back to the 1930s where three-wheeled Morgans used to dominate the twisty circuits of the day.

Lamborgini Miura by Eddy Brown (12th September 2003)

Lamborgini Miura

Four litres of Italian V12 mounted transversely in a thoroughbred MR chassis, perhaps the most elegant curves in motoring and the performance to match. A revolution in supercar design mechanically, aesthetically, totally.

Ferrari 328 GTB by Sin5k4 (22nd August 2003)

Ferrari 328 GTB

Automotive art.This late 1980s supercar can trace it’s bloodline back to such masterpieces as the dino and forward to the current 360 modena. A small, stiff chassis with a low-slung MR layout gives a brilliantly positioned centre of gravity, augmented further by precise suspension geometry and hi-performance Pirelli tyres.

Porsche 928 S by Sin5k4 (9th August 2003)

Porsche 928

For the manufacturer made so famous for its unique rear-engined sports car, the 911 series, a front-engined touring saloon is distinctly different. The Porsche bloodlines runs true through this car all the same and is strongly evidence from its strong performance - zero to sixty and back down to zero in nine seconds!

1967 Chevrolet Corvette by Bonsaijodelfisch (23rd July 2003)

Chevrolet Corvette

Embracing the hayday of the shark-inspired Corvette profiles, the 1967 model could well be viewed as a distant pre-runner to the modern sports car. It is without doubt one of the most muscular muscle cars ever made, in either convertible or couple guise.

MG Midget by Eddy Brown (11th July 2003)

MG Midget

From its races around legendary tracks such as Goodwood and Brands Hatch with the likes Graham Hill and Jim Clark behind the wheel, something of a cult following has grown up around this car. Very light and small, it makes the perfect stead for a Sunday run round the English countryside.